Chris Ferreira - The Forever Project

Chris Ferreira has been a leading, high profile exponent of sustainability in WA for the last 25 years. He specializes in innovative behaviour change and environmental education programs to inspire and empower people, companies and organisations to be more sustainable, productive and effective.

Since 1992 he has taught over 18,000 rural landholders about the concept of creating fire safe and sustainable landscapes and 2015 through his company The Forever Project he has pioneered Firewise Landscape design and through this work they have been creating a range of innovative firewise landscapes and programs throughout WA under the tagline ‘meeting the firies halfway’.

Chris is an adjunct Lecturer at Murdoch University and in 2018 launched had his first book on sustainable land management published ‘A Place in the Country’ to critical acclaim.

He has a BSc (Forestry), Landcare Planning and Design Cert 199,  Permaculture Design Cert 1995, Master Tree Growers Cert 2002 and 2003 Cert IV in Workplace Training and Assessment