Nigel Bell - ECODesign Architects

Nigel is a practising architect and planner for over three decades within the bushfire-prone Blue Mountains and elsewhere, dealing with all planning, design and construction issues.  
Personal and professional /project awards include a Churchill Fellowship, a Banksia Environment Award (for a project destroyed in the recent bushfires) and Blue Mountains award  for Outstanding Achievement in Environmental Practice.  His design process integrates a wide range of inputs around site, people, place, landscape, sustainability – and increasingly – bushfire design.  
Following the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria he facilitated community recovery in Marysville and Triangle that included a Visioning Day to lift both hope and vision (with 300 participants), followed by an intensive Phoenix Workshop (‘design charette’) for 125 people over 2.5 days, negotiating bushfire rebuilding across community and government agencies.

In consequence, Nigel has been at the forefront of bushfire issues from writing design guides, educating community and professionals, Building Back Better conference (February 2020), bushfire-building research, running Bushfire Recovery Tours (past Bushfire Building conferences) and more.  He has represented the Australian Institute of Architects on bushfire matters at the recent Royal Commission and on all three Australian Standards (Refuges, AS 5414 Bushfire water spray system, AS 3959 Construction standards for bushfire prone areas).