Steven Houghton - Statewide Bushfire Consulting

Steven holds a Bachelor of Science and is accredited in NSW under the Fire Protection Association (FPA) Australia’s Bushfire Planning and Design Accreditation (BPAD) Scheme (BPAD Level 2). Steven is a member of the Fire Protection Association (FPA) and has also completed a Graduate Diploma of Leadership and Management and a Master of Teaching.

In the Planning space, with 5 years’ experience as a consultant with Ecological Australia Pty Ltd and in private practice operating as Statewide Bushfire Consulting since 2018. Steven has 15 years’ experience with Fire and Rescue NSW and a Firefighter and Officer responding to real world bush fires commanding firefighters in the field. Steven has specialised in bushfire planning policy for approximately 6 years. In his time as a Director of Statewide Bushfire Consulting and as a Bushfire Consultant with Ecological Australia Steven has prepared more than 300 Bushfire Assessment Reports under the provisions of Planning for Bushfire Protection (PBP) for a range of development proposals across all of NSW including Residential, Rural and Commercial developments; prepared in excess of 300 Bushfire Attack Level Assessments (BAL) in accordance with AS.3959 – Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas for a range of development proposals across a range of localities in NSW and provided expert bush fire advice on radio and on public resilience forums in response to bush fire planning concerns. Recently, Steven prepared a strategic bushfire assessment for the Pottery Estate DCP in Lithgow.

As a FRNSW Officer during large scale landscape bush fires Steven has been assigned to roles including Deputy Operations to the Gosper’s Section 44, Strategic Safety Officer, Liaison Officer to the RFS and Strike Team Leader (emergency response). Steven, as a FRNSW Officer sits on the Local Emergency Management Committee and Bush fire Management Committee (BFMC) for the Lithgow region.